With Carol Blotter

Mindfulness and meditation will be taught as a tool to discern what to do each moment to move toward the goal of living in joy without worry or fear. No previous meditation experience is required yet the lessons learned will refresh a practice for all levels. Each session will build upon the last. This course is suitable for persons of all religious, spiritual or philosophical persuasions.

Classes take place in the lower level of the Grass Lake Medical Center
For questions on class content, call Carol at 734-475-0942.
The class is offered on a donation basis.

Carol Blotter

Carol Blotter has been practicing Insight Meditation (Vipassana) since 1989. She is a teacher for The Forest Way, an organization dedicated to providing retreat opportunities conducive to spiritual growth that is both balanced and integrated. She is also a teacher for the Deep Spring Center, an organization that supports the deepening of non-dual awareness. Carol has also been involved with the Quaker tradition since 1979. She has taught deep listening practices and ways to resolve conflict through building unity.

Carol’s primary instructors have been Matthew Flickstein and Barbara Brodsky. Matthew co-founded the Bhavana Monastery and Meditation Center in 1984 and The Forest Way in 1996. He has published three books on meditation.

Barbara is the founder of Deep Spring Center in Michigan. She leads Insight Meditation and Dzogchen retreats throughout the world.

Carol is an experienced meditation teacher at Chelsea Hospital, Chelsea Methodist Home, Chelsea Community Education Program and now at the Grass Lake Medical Center.