Kripalu Yoga

Kripalu Yoga – returning to the Center soon….

“To love is to approach each other, center to center.” Teilhard de Chardin (1881 – 1955)

Kripalu Yoga is a very meditative yoga – slow, easy and gentle. Kripalu yoga will teach you a loving, heart-opening, compassionate respect for your body. You will learn how to release physical and emotional tensions and to return to a state of balance where you are naturally attuned to your spirit.

As a leading edge approach to wellness, this powerful 5,000 year old practice compliments today’s current mind/body philosophies of health and healing.

  • Stretch muscular and skeletal systems.
  • Alleviate tension and chronic pain.
  • Improve circulation and digestion.
  • Stimulate and regulate hormonal and immune systems.
  • Reclaim your inherent health and well being.
  • Increase your strength and flexibility.
  • Develop balance. Cultivate concentration.
  • Discover clarity and vision.
  • Quiet restless thoughts.
  • Experience deep stillness.
  • Practice self acceptance.
  • Honor your inner wisdom. |