The Grass Lake Medical Center was started by Mark Leventer, MD and Kathleen Anzicek, DO in 1982.  The Center offers a wide range of family medical services as well as several complementary alternatives. We try to help each individual, from birth through the elder years, to attain their highest degree of health and well being.

12337 E Michigan Ave.
Grass Lake MI 49240
Phone  517-522-8403
Fax 517-522-4275

Flu Shots are now available! We have 2 types available and both are preservative-free.  Call the office today to schedule your appointment.
We have expanded our in-office appointment times.  Please contact the office during business hours to see if you need an in-office appointment or a virtual appointment (telephone or video visit).
If you need to setup your MyChart app on your phone, click this link My Chart Mobile App Setup for directions.
Kripalu Yoga
All Yoga Classes are currently cancelled until further notice.