Complementary Services

The body, mind, and spirit all affect our health. There are often many valid approaches to any particular health problem. The Center offers the following alternatives:

Integrative Oncology

Cancer affects 1/3 of Americans. Although the cause is usually not determined, there maybe several relevant factors. These include lifestyle choices such as poor diet, lack of exercise, and smoking. Other contributors are environmental toxins and stress.

Usual treatments are chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. Integrative oncology specializes in the addition of various supplements and herbs which can facilitate the healing process. Some of these strenghten the resilience of normal cells. Some will target cancer cells and may work in concert with chemotherapy to increase tolerability. Others can prevent or treat side-effects. Herbs can be used against specific molecular targets of the cancer cell. Some can make the tumor microenvironment less hospitable to cancer growth and spread. Supplements can promote the ability of the immune system to defend against cancer recurrence. Lifestyle changes are often important also.

Integrative oncology is supported by scientific studies. It is utilized at major medical centers. Bringing together traditional oncologic care with other alternatives that promote healing gives the best of both worlds.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is an approach to health and illness which involves looking more deeply at the nutritional, physiologic, biochemical and genetic causes. Often the pathway to health does not necessitate taking drugs, which only treat the symptoms. Identifying the underlying causes can lead to more complete healing. This may involve alternative testing, special diets, and supplements.



Acupuncture and Chinese herbs have been used for thousands of years to treat illness. The system is useful both for relief of physical symptoms and to bring balance to one’s emotional life. Acupuncture works by inserting thin needles into “acupuncture points” which have healing properties. Chinese herbs work by bringing balance to the body’s energy, known as qi. Together, they form a powerful alternative, which can often dig deeper to the roots of a problem. For more information, see


The DAN protocol: Defeat Autism Now

Autism is a disorder, often beginning in very young children, in which language and socialization skills are severely impaired. Research has shown that various interventions may help, and sometimes cure autism. These include methyl vitamin B12 injections, gluten and dairy free diet, treatment of yeast overgrowth, and removal of toxic heavy metals such as mercury. There are also a variety of supplements which can help the autistic child. For more information on alternative treatments for autism, see:

Vitamins and Herbs

Western medicine places great emphasis on the use of drugs and surgery to treat illness. However, often these are not necessary. Appropriate use of vitamins and herbs can work for many diseases, and even in some cases when there is little else to offer. Many people are able to combine their medications with vitamins and herbs for the best effect.

Natural Hormones

Due to the stresses of modern life, our hormones often become excessive or deficient. This may include the thyroid, adrenal glands, female and male hormones, and vitamin D (actually a hormone). Symptoms often are varied, including fatigue and diffuse pain. Sometimes mineral deficiencies such as iodine or selenium underlie the problem. We do specific testing for hormonal abnormalities. In treatment, we prefer to use natural hormone supplements, also called bio-identical.

Allergy Elimination

NAET Technique

Nambudripad’s allergy elimination technique utilizes muscle testing (kinesiology) to identify reactions to foods, chemicals, and any typical allergic substance. The treatment involves use of an activator (a small metal snapping device) to the back, and then acupuncture. Chronic allergies can be reduced or eliminated using this technique. For more information, see: